Lịch làm việc chuyên gia và sinh viên nước ngoài | CARE RESCIF HCMUT | Trang 4
Date – Final Date
University of
scholarship from
Email address Name of project and
supervisor (s)
November 2- 2015 November 23
Institute for Environment and Resources – VNU of HCMC- Vietnam PHAM Thi Thu Hang thuhangp@gmail.com EPFL- GR-CEL, Switzerland – CODEV project Antibiotics in sediments and antibiotic resistance genes in the intensive shrimps farms in Southern Vietnam
2015 March From 01/10/2016 – 2018 March
LEGOS – IRD – Toulouse 3 University, France and Thuy Loi University, Viet Nam. Duong Hai Thuan duonghaithuan@gmail.com or duonghaithuan@tlu.edu.vn Thuy Loi lecturer, PhD student. PhD thesis: Observation and modeling of typhoon-driven hydro-morphodynamics in Nha Trang bay, Vietnam. Supervisors: Patrick Marchesiello, Nguyen Trung Viet and Rafael Almar.
2016 August – 2017 May
Tours Univ. France Tran Trong Hung Trantronghung015@gmail.com or Tranhung.envi@gmail.com Erasmus + mobility: Distribution and residue of dioxins in Can Gio, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
2016 Octobre – 2019 September
UCLouvain (Belgique) and CARE HCMUT Vietnam Hoang Anh LE lehoanganh_hanoi85@yahoo.com / anh.le@uclouvain.be PhD
Simulating the flow and sediment transport in the Lower Mekong River Basin
2016 Octobre – 2017 February
CARE HCMUT Vietnam EtuRESCIF Rémi Saillard remi.saillard@grenoble-inp.fr Césure Eutrophication risk assessment from the Saigon river
2016 September – 2016 November
EPFL EtuRESCIF Yara-Maria PROUST yara-maria.proust@epfl.ch EPFL Master 1 student (internship during cesure semester) internship: “Membrane photobioreactor for nutrient recovery”
2016 September – 2016 November
EPFL EtuRESCIF Anaïs Ghirardi anaïs.ghirardi@epfl.ch EPFL Master 1 student (internship during cesure semester) Internship: Sponge membrane bioreactor for hospital wastewater treatment
2016 July – 2017 June
CARE HCMUT Vietnam Nguyet Minh NGUYEN minh.nguyen.hus@gmail.com Post doc Hydrodynamic and coastal erosion of the Hoi An shore
2016 June – 2016 September
EPFL Luis Antonio Hernandez Hunger- bühler (EPFL) antonio.hernandez@epfl.ch Master 2 student Research on the feasibility of mixed cultures with Chlorella Vulgaris for nutrient removal from wastewaters and biomass production
25 July 2016 – 05 August 2017
HCMUS Thanh Nho NGUYEN ntnho@hcmus.edu.vn Ho Chi Minh City University of Science (HCMUS), PhD student Internship: “Trace elements in river estuary”
15 July 2016 – 10 February 2016
HCMUT Quoc Tuc DINH quoctuc@hcmut.edu.vn HCMUT, lecturer Internship: “Le suivi de microorganismes de micropollutants et des Cyanobactéries” Département des genies civil, géologique et des mines Supervision: Prof. Sarah Dorner
15 July 2016 – 30 September 2016
EPFL EtuRESCIF Fiona Claire Collins fiona.collins@epfl.ch EPFL, End of Bachelor Internship: “Photobioreactor for nutrient recovery”
11 July 2016 – 11 September 2016
Seattle University Doan Ngoc Lam NGUYEN buileoleo@gmail.com Seattle University, Junior Research on application of a wetland roof system coupled with domestic wastewater treatment
05 July 2016 – 05 January 2017
ENSE3_GRENOBLE EtuRESCIF Antoinette Jestin toinette.jestin@gmail.com ENSE3-GRENOBLE_INP Master1 student. Internship: “Study on the pollutant removal of saline wastewater by membrane bioreactor.”
18 May 2016 – 19 August 2016
ENSIL Aïssatou CISSE aissatou.cisse@ensil.unilim.fr Internship : “Application of membrane bioreactors for hospital wastewater treatment”
18 May 2016 – 19 August 2016
ENSIL Amélie BONNEFIN amelie.bonnefin@ensil.unilim.fr Internship : “Application of membrane bioreactors for hospital wastewater treatment”
04 may 2016 – 02 August 2016
University of Tours Perrine Durand- Fleury perrine.durand-fleury@etu.univ-tours.fr Internship: “Hydro-sedimentary fonctioning of Saigon River, Viet Nam: sedimentological and geochemical approaches”
21 March 2016 – 16 September 2016
Temasek Polytechnic of Singapore Benyamin Bin Rahmat benyaminbinrahmat@gmail.com Internship the Project “Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) for Hospitals Wastewater Treatment”
21 March 2016 – 16 September 2016
Temasek Polytechnic of Singapore Malcom Lau Jun Xiang malcomlau1997@gmail.com Internship the Project “Constructed Wetland Roof for Wastewater Treatment”
01 April 2016 – 27 May 2016
University Paris-Est Créteil LAHENS Lisa lisa.lahens@live.com Internship: “Microplastic”

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