Research areas | CARE RESCIF HCMUT

CARE gives priority on interdisciplinary researches in the fields of water and climate change including: Water Resource Management, Hydrology and Climate Change, Water and Wastewater Treatment Technology, Eco-toxicology. The specific research areas are as follows:

Water Quality Management

  • Water resource management
  • Management of coastal areas
  • Policies on urban and industrial water using
  • Integrate management of urban water
  • Risk control of flooding
  • Urban water management including drainage and supplying systems

Hydrology and Climate Change

  • Impacts of climate change on water resources, mitigation and adaptation to climate change
  • Impacts of climate change to salinization intrusion in water source for coastal cities
  • Mitigation and adaptation measurements to climate change
  • Set up scenarios of land losing / flooded in sea level rise
  • Assessment of river erosion / coastal in climate change
  • Impacts of climate change on water quality used for agriculture / aquaculture in delta areas
  • Conflicts of water use among local regions and countries in river basin when lack of fresh water
  • Impacts of climate change on hydrological regime of river

Water and Wastewater Treatment Technology

  • Treatment technology for water and wastewater for urban, industrial and agriculture / aquaculture.
  • Collect rainwater, wastewater and wastewater reuse.
  • Ecological technologies, and wetlands.
  • Rural water supply and sanitation.
  • Urban water technology: hygiene water systems, wastewater treatment systems, pump / pump station, water consumption.
  • Advanced technologies for water and wastewater.
  • Application of membrane technology in water and wastewater treatment
  • Sludge treatment


  • Use tropical organisms / indigenous to evaluate toxicity
  • Assess health impact due to contaminated water
  • Evaluation of endocrine disorders compounds (EDCs) in water
  • Assessment of bioaccumulation of trace contaminants / heavy metals on aquatic life.