Visiting Binh Hung Wastewater Treatment Plant, Ho Chi Minh City | CARE RESCIF HCMUT

On Monday, 29th May, a CARE delegation was received by the technical services of the Binh Hung wastewater treatment plant in Binh Chanh District, HCMC. After an in-room presentation of global wastewater management in the HCMC, the group carried out a technical visit of the primary and secondary purification facilities. Today, the Binh Hung plant treats the wastewater of 426 000 inhabitants (141,000 m3 / day). A current expansion is expected to increase capacity to 1,390,000 inhabitants (469,000 m3 / day) in the near future. This plant and a smaller one located in the Binh Tan district (30,000 m3 / day) treat ~ 10% of the volume of domestic wastewater produced by all the city, before discharge to the Saigon River. This exchange morning provided a better understanding of the problem of wastewater management in Ho Chi Minh City, possible technical solutions and planning for the construction of ten future wastewater treatment plants.
CARE members thanked the HCMV Urban Drainage Company, as well as Mr. Quoc, Mr. Hai and Ms Trang for their hospitality and availability.

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