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2) papers from study using data, facilities of CARE or benefited from “CARE YIPP internal projects”,

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Journal Research fields Year

Wang, Y., Le Pape, P., Morin, G., Asta, M.P., King, G., Bartova, B., Suvorova, E., Frutshi, M., Ikogou, M., Pham, V.H.C., Le Vo, P., Herman, F., Charlet, L. and Bernier-Latmani, R. 2018. Aresenic speciation in Mekong Delta sediments depends on their depositional environment. Environ. Sci. Technol. 52(6), 3431-3439.

Water quality and remediation 2018

Lahens, L., Strady, E., Kieu-Le, T.C., Dris, R., Boukerma, K., Rinnert, E., Gasperi, J., Tassin, B. 2018. Macroplastic and microplastic contamination assessment of a tropical river (Saigon River, Vietnam). Environmental Pollution, 236, 661-671.

Water quality and remediation 2018

Vachaud, G., Quertamp, F., Phan, T.S.H., Tran Ngoc, T.D., Nguyen, T., Luu, X.L., Nguyen, A.T. and Gratiot, N. 2018. Flood-related risks in Ho Chi Minh City and ways of mitigation. In press, Journal of Hydrology.

Hazards in coastal zones 2018

Thanh-Nho N., Strady E., Tran T.N.T., David F., Marchand C., 2018. Trace metals partitioning between particulate and dissolved phases along a tropical mangrove estuary (Can Gio, Vietnam), Chemosphere, 196, 311-322.

Human contamination (surface and groundwater) 2018

Pham, T.T.H., Rossi, P., Dinh, H.D.K., Pham, N.T.A, Tran, P.A., Ho, T.T.K.M., Dinh, Q.T., De Alencastro, L.F. 2017. Analysis of antibiotic multi-resistant bacteria and resistance genes in the effluent of an intensive shrimp farm (Long An, Vietnam). J. Env. Managt, 214, 149-156.

Human contamination (surface and groundwater) 2017

Mathew C. Reid, Julien Maillard, Alexandre Bagnud, Leia Falquet, Phu Le Vo, Rizlan Bernier-Latmani (2017). Arsenic Methylation dynamics in a rice paddy soil anaerobic enrichment culture. Environmental Science & Technology, , 51, 10546 – 10554; DOI:10.1021/acs.est.7b02970 

Water quality and remediation 2017

Gratiot, N., Bildstein, A., Anh, T.T., Thoss, H., Denis, H., Michallet, H. ang Apel, H. (2017) Sediment flocculation in the Mekong River estuary, Vietnam; an important driver of geomorphological changes. Comptes Rendus Geoscience. 349, 260-268.

Natural quality of waters and evolutions 2017

Camenen, B., Dramais, G., LeCoz, J., Ho, T.D., Gratiot, N. and Piney, S. (2017). Estimation of a water level - discharge rating curve for a river influenced. Houille Blanche-Revue internationale de l’eau, (5), 16-21

Hazards in water resources (surface and groundwater) 2017

The Nhat Phan, Thi Thanh Van Truong, Nhu Biec Ha, Phuoc Dan Nguyen, Xuan Thanh Bui, Bao Trong Dang, Van Tuan Doan, Joonhang Park, Wenshan Guo, Huu Hao Ngo. High rate nitrogen removal by ANAMMOX internal circulation reactor (IC) for old landfill leachate treatment. Bioresource Technology 234 (2017) 281-288

Water quality and remediation 2017

Thanh Tin Nguyen, Xuan Thanh Bui, Vinh Phuc Luu, Phuoc Dan Nguyen, Wenshan Guo, Huu Hao Ngo (2017) Removal of antibiotics in sponge membrane bioreactors treating hospital waste water : comparison between hollow fiber & flat sheet membrane systems. Bioresource Techonolgy 240 (2017) 42-49

Water quality and remediation 2017

Dan Nguyen (2017) Spatial variation & risk assessment of trace metals in water & sediment of the Mekong Delta. Chemosphere 179 (367-378)

Human contamination (surface and groundwater) 2017

Thanh-Luu Pham, Thanh-Son Dao, Ngoc-Dang Tran, Jorge Nimptsch, Claudia Wiegand and Utsumi Motoo (2017). Influence of environmental factors on cyanobacterial biomass and microcystin concentration in the Dau Tieng Reservoir, a tropical eutrophic water body in Vietnam. DOI: 10.1051/limn/2016038.

Natural quality of waters and evolutions 2017

Vo Thi Kim Quyen, Cao Ngoc Dan Thanh, Luu Vinh Phuc, Vo Thi Dieu Hien, Nguyen Nhu Sang, Tran Thanh Dai, Bui Xuan Thanh (2016). Enhancement of Antibiotic Removal in Membrane Permeate by Ozonation. Journal of Water Sustainability. Volume 6, Issue 3, 89–98.

Water quality and remediation 2016

Thi-Dieu-Hien Vo,  Xuan-Thanh Bui, Ngoc-Dan-Thanh Cao, Vinh-Phuc Luu, Thanh-Tin Nguyen, Bao-Trong Dang, Minh-Quan Thai, Dinh-Duc Nguyen, Thanh-Son Nguyen, Quoc-Tuc Dinh, Thanh-Son Dao. Investigation of antibiotics in health care wastewater in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Environ Monit Assess. (2016) 188:686 DOI 10.1007/s10661-016-5704-6.

Water quality and remediation 2016

Nguyen, T. T., Bui, T. X., Vo, H. D., Nguyen, D. D., Nguyen, D. P., Do, C. H., et al. (2016). Performance and membrane fouling of two types of laboratory-scale submerged membrane bioreactors for hospital wastewater treatment at low flux condition. Separation and Purification Technology , 165, 123-129.

Water quality and remediation 2016

Strady, E., Hanh, D. V., Némery, J., Guédron, S., Tuc, D. Q., Denis, H., et al. (2016). Baseline investigation of nutrients and trace metals in surface waters and sediments along the Saigon River basin impacted by the megacity of Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam). Environmental Science and Pollution Research. DOI 10.1007/s11356-016-7660-7

Human contamination (surface and groundwater) 2016

Phu, V. L., Bernier, R., Vu, P. C., Ha, H. T., & Tu, N. T. (2015). Threat of Arsenic Occurrence in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta. Journal of Geographical Research , 63 (6), 129-142.

Water quality and remediation 2015