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Journal Research fields Year
Ngo H.H., Nguyen T.T., Guo W., Nguyen D.D., Pandey A., Bui Xuan-Thanh., Varjani S., Nguyen P.D., Nguyen T.T.N., Circular bioeconomy for resource recovery from wastewaters using algae-based technologies, chapter 11 in the book “Algae-based biomaterials for sustainable development”, Book “Algae-based biomaterials for sustainable development: Biomedical, Environmental Remediation and Sustainability Assessment” Edited by Ngo H.H., Guo W., Pandey A., Chang J.S., Lee D.J. , online, 217-233, 2022 Water quality and remediation 2022

Nguyen T.H., Nguyen S.V., Dau V.H., Le H.A.T., Nguyen V.K., Nguyen P.D., Bui X.T., Bui M.H. , The nexus between greenhouse gases, economic growth, energy and trade openness in Vietnam, Environmental Technology & Innovation,, 28, 102912, 2022

Natural quality of waters and evolutions 2022
Nguyen T.T., Chiemchaisri C., Bui X.T.*, Adha R.S., Nguyen D.D., Nguyen P.D., Vo T.K.Q., Dang B.T., Nguyen Q.H., Nguyen P.T., Varjani S., Bui M.H. , Membrane Bioreactor Processes, Chapter in the book “Advances in Biological Wastewater Treatment Systems, Elsevier. Edited by Bui X.T, Nguyen D.D., Nguyen P.D., Ngo H.H., Pandey A., Chapter 6, 155-191, 2022 Water quality and remediation 2022
Thanh‑Son Dao, Van‑Tai Nguyen, Christine Baduel, Manh‑Ha Bui, Viet Tuan Tran, Thanh‑Luu Pham; Ba‑Trung Bui, Khuong V Dinh, 2022. Toxicity of di‑2‑ethylhexyl phthalate and tris (2‑butoxyethyl) phosphate to a tropical micro‑crustacean (Ceriodaphnia cornuta) is higher in Mekong River water than in standard laboratory medium. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, Water quality and remediation 2022
Thi Khanh Dieu Hoang. Quach An Binh. Xuan Thanh Bui. Thi Hieu Le. Bao Trong Dang. Hong Hai Nguyen. Thi Tra My Ngo. Petra Kohler. Solomzi Makohliso. Peter Maryna. Martin Raab. Alexandre Vanobberghen. Arabella Hayter. Klaus Schönenberger. 2022. Assessment of water, sanitation, and hygiene services in district health care facilities in rural area of Mekong Delta, Vietnam. Environ Monit Assess / Water quality and remediation 2022
Tu,T.A, Tweed, S., Dan, N. P., Descloitres, M., Quang, K.H., Nemery, J., Nguyen, A., Leblanc, M., Baduel, C. Localized recharge processes in the NE Mekong Delta and implications for groundwater quality, 2022. Science of The Total Environment Volume 845. Hazards in water resources (surface and groundwater) 2022
Viet Tuan Tran, Phuoc Dan Nguyen, Quoc Tuc Dinh, Huu Viet Nguyen, Emilie Strady, Sunghee Han, Heavy Metal Concentrations in Hard Clam Meretrix lyrata and the Coastal Environment of Tien River Estuary, Mekong Delta, International Journal of Environmental Science and Development, Vol 13, No 6, 231 - 238, 2022 Hazards in water resources (surface and groundwater) 2022
Vo T.D.H., Pham M.D.T., Dang B.T., Tran C.S., Le T.S., Nguyen V.T., Nguyen T.B., Lin C., Varjani S., Dao T.S., Bui T.V., Huynh K.P.H., Bui X.T.* Influence of nitrogen species and biomass retention time on nutrient removal and biomass productivity in a microalgae-based bioreactor, 2022. Environmental Technology & Innovation. Water quality and remediation 2022

Tran H.Y., P. Marchesiello, R. Almar, Duc Tuan Ho, T. Nguyen, T. H. Duong, and E. Barthélemy, 2021: Combined longshore and cross-shore modeling for low-energy embayed sandy beaches. Journal of Marine Science and Engineering, 9, 979. PDF Version:

Hazards in coastal zones 2021

Pham T.L., Boujelbane F., Bui H.N., Nguyen H.T., Bui X.T., Nguyen D.N., Nguyen T.T.H., Phan H.A., Duong T.G.H., Bui M.H. (2021). Pesticide production wastewater treatment by Electro-Fenton using Taguchi experimental design, Water Science & Technology, online (SCIE, Q2, IF: 1.915, ISSN: 0273-1223).

Hazards in water resources (surface and groundwater) 2021

Vo T.K.Q., Dang B.T., Ngo H.H., Nguyen T.T., Nguyen V.T., Vo T.D.H., Ngo T.T.M., Nguyen T.B., Lin C., Lin K.Y.A., Bui X.T.* (2021). Low flux sponge membrane bioreactor treating tannery wastewater, Environmental Technology & Innovation, accepted. (SCIE, Q1, IF: 5.263, ISSN: 2352-1864). 

Human contamination (surface and groundwater) 2021

Nguyen AT, Dao TS, Strady E, Nguyen TTN, Aimé J, Gratiot N, Némery J Phytoplankton characterization in a tropical tidal river impacted by a megacity: the case of the Saigon River (Southern Vietnam). Environmental Science and Pollution Research (accepted)

Human contamination (surface and groundwater) 2021

Nguyen TA, Némery J, Gratiot N, Garnier J, Dao TS, Thieu V, G. Laruelle (2021) Assessing the self-purification capacity of a tropical estuary by a generic reactive-transport model Science of The Total Environment 784, 147261 

Human contamination (surface and groundwater) 2021

Camenen B, Gratiot N, Cohard JA, Gard F, Nguyen AT, Tran VQ, Dramais G, van Emmerik T, Némery J (2021) Monitoring discharge in a tidal river using water level observations: application on the Saigon River, Vietnam.. Science of The Total Environment, 761, 142195 Q1

Human contamination (surface and groundwater) 2021

Masashi Kuroda, Michinori Uwasu, Xuan-Thanh Bui, Phuoc-Dan Nguyen, Keishiro Hara (2021). Shifting the perception of water environment problems by introducing “imaginary future generations”—Evidence from a participatory workshop in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Futures 126 (2021) 102671.

Water quality and remediation 2021

Nguyen N.C., Ngo H.H., Duong C.H; Chen S.S., Nguyen T.H., Guo W., Le Q.H., Duong C.C., Le T.T., Chen C.K., Nguyen P.D., Bui X.T. (2021). A breakthrough hybrid system of dynamic-osmotic membrane bioreactor/nanofiltration for real municipal wastewater treatment and reuse, Bioresource Technology, 342, 125930. (SCIE, Q1, IF: 9.642, ISSN: 0960-8524).

Water quality and remediation 2021
Nguyen P.D., Le T.M.T., Vo T.K.Q., Nguyen P.T., Vo T.D.H., Dang B.T., Nguyen T.S., Nguyen D.D., Bui X.T.* (2021). Submerged membrane filtration process coupled with powdered activated carbon for nonylphenol ethoxylates, Water Science & Technology, online. (SCIE, Q2, IF: 1.915, ISSN: 0273-1223). Water quality and remediation 2021
Ye Y, Ngo H.H*, Guo W., Chang S.W., Nguyen D.D., Varjani S., Ding A., Bui X.T., Nguyen P.D. (2021). Bio-membrane based integrated systems for nitrogen recovery in wastewater treatment: Current applications and future perspectives, Chemosphere, 265, 129076. (SCIE, Q1, IF: 5.778; ISSN: 0045-6535). Water quality and remediation 2021

Rikard Tröger, Hanwei Ren, Daqiang Yin, Cristina Postigo, Phuoc An Nguyen, Christine Baduel, Oksana Golovko, Frederic Been, Hanna Joerss, Maria Rosa Boleda, Stefano Polesello, Marco Roncoroni, Sachi Taniyasu, Frank Menger, Lutz Ahrens, Foon Yin, Laia Karin Wiberg, 202. What's in the water? – Target and suspect screening of contaminants of emerging concern in raw water and drinking water from Europe and Asia, 2021. Water Research, Volume 198, 15 June 2021, 117099

Human contamination (surface and groundwater) 2021

Phuoc Dan NGUYEN, Thanh Do Quang LE, Nhat Huy NGUYEN, Kim Thach TRAN, Minh Tri NGUYEN, and Khanh An HUYNH (2020) Reducing Disinfection Byproduct Precursors and Chlorine Consuming Substances by A Special   Integration of Biofiltration and Ozonation: A Pilot Study. Journal of Water Process Engineering, vol 37, 101419

Water quality and remediation 2020