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Date – Final Date
University of
scholarship from
Email address Name of project and
supervisor (s)
21 Mars 2016 – 10 juin 2016
M1 GDP – PCTE GRENOBLE CADEAU Ségolène cadeau.se@gmail.com Internship: Evaluation and optimization of flocculation
28 March 2016 – 12 august 2016
ENTPE LYON BILDSTEIN Audrey audrey.bildstein@entpe.fr Internship: Sedimentary dynamics in the Mekong river with Nicolas GRATIOT
28 March 2016 – 25 June 2016
CARE – HCMUT Vietnam Thi Minh Tam LE minhtammt2006@gmail.com Analysis technique as POCIS and LC-MS/MS to quantify the concentration of antibiotics in the environment. Short training period with Dr. Felippe de Alencastro
11 October 2015 – 25 october 2015
EPFL de Alencastro Felippe felippe.dealencastro@epfl.ch Seed-money – 2015 “Antibiotics in shrimp farms”. Discussion avec Dr. Tuc Dinh Participation à la réunion du Conseil Scientifique du CARE
2015 Nov – 2018 Oct
Grenoble Tuyet NGUYEN ngoctuyet1412@gmail.com HCMUT PhD Thesis. Risque d’eutrophisation dans la rivière Saigon : impacts des rejets de la métropole d’Ho Chi Minh Ville sur la zone côtière Supervisors: J.Némery, N.Gratiot and P.Nguyen
2015 July – 2015 Sep
CARE – HCMUT Vietnam Margot OLIVE margot.olive1@gmail.com Master 2 student, internship
Work for the elaboration of a study protocol of water quality in district hospitals in Vietnam
2015 juin – 2015 juin
HCMUT Tuc quoctuc@yahoo.com HCMUT lecturer , TUC, measurements in laboratory
September 2015 – August 2016
HCMUT Le Nguyen Thien Kim thienkimbk09@gmail.com HCMUT, Internship. 12 months Swiss Government Scholarship. “Antibiotics and pesticedes in water and sediments from intensive shrimp farms in Southern Vietnam”. Supervisors: Dinh Quoc Tuc & Felippe de Alencastro
September 2015 – August 2018
Grenoble-INP France Hai Yen TRAN tranhaiyen3103@gmail.com HCMUT PhD Thesis. PhD thesis on Modeling long term shoreline evolutions and coastal erosion. Supervisors: Eric Barthelemy, Son Thanh Huynh
2015 June – 2015 July
HCMUT NGUYEN Tan Phong tanphong69@yahoo.com HCMC, lecturer Developing collaboration between Grenoble-INP and Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HCMUT)
2015 April – 2015 April
HCMUT BUI Xuan Thanh thanhait@yahoo.com HCMC, lecturer Discussing to deploy cooperating project “Water Kit” with Prof. Klaus Schonenberger
2015 March, 2 – 2015 April, 27
University Grenoble-Alpes Timothée Bonnet University Grenoble-Alpes Arsenic concentration – Analyse physico – chimique de la region de An Giang
2015 March – 2015 May
EPFL Clément Levasseur clem.levasseur@gmail.com Master 4 student doing his master work. “Caractérisation de la pollution des eaux et des sédiments due à l’élevage intensif de crevettes dans le Sud du Vietnam”.
2015 February – 2015 June
GHENT University Veronica del Rosario Diaz Sosa verodiso86@gmail.com GHENT University, student Upgrading the nitrogen removal efficiency of tanning wastewater by a single-stage combined anammox and partial nitrification biofilm system
2015 March – 2015 April
CARE-HCMUT Vietnam Thi Hai Van PHAN phanhaivan@gmail.com HCMUT lecturer, PhD student. Phd thesis on Arsenic under the supervision of Laurent CHARLET, in collaboration with R.Bernier Latmani The subject is:Mechanism of As release from Vietnamese sediment during microbial sulfate reduction Field work in An Giang: 1 month (March – April)
2015 31 Janvier – 2015 Juin
ENSE3-GRENOBLE_INP EtuRESCIF BLIVET Ameline ameline.blivet@ense3.grenoble-inp.fr ENSE3-GRENOBLE_INP Master2 student. Macro-scale numerical modelling of the flood risk in Ho Chi Minh City
2014 17 sept – 2014 5 oct
HCMUT Tuc quoctuc@yahoo.com HCMUT lecturer , TUC
2014- 2016
EPFL Thi Nhu Khanh NGUYEN nhukhanh222@gmail.com HCMUT alumni
2014 1 August – 2014 26 nov
HCMUT Thi MInh Tam LE minhtammt2006@gmail.com HCMUT lecturer, PhD student PhD thesis on HAP pharmaceutical products. Short training period with Pr. Sarah Dorner
2013 – 2016
Grenoble-INP LAI Nguyen duylai.nl@gmail.com HCMUT lecturer, PhD student Decentralized control and network architectures for water distribution systems, supervisor L.Lefevre